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#exacting standards: "rigid or severe in demands or requirements. requiring close application or attention."

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#giving for the sake of giving

#sauces for scholarships.#fight under the lights. #university of nevada

one of our core principles is, and always will be, giving for the sake of giving. for the entire month of december, 100% of profits from our brand new #handcrafted jams, sauces and marinades, were given to the nicholas hackstaff university of nevada memorial foundation scholarship. nicholas was a loved member of the handcrafted family we lost last december. our sauces make excellent gifts all year long. these jams, sauces & marinades are used on your favorite handcrafted dishes. we are working on more sauces, marinades and gourmet ice cream to prepare even more retail options for you!

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chef inspired concept. gourmet. on a bun.

#discipline: to study, learn, train and apply a system of strict standards.


"#handcrafted gourmet burger bar was developed & created as a place where gourmet and fast casual meet. on a bun. a place where discipline, quality ingredients and exacting standards reigns supreme. a place where every one of our guests' perfection is, in turn, our passion." jay hackstaff, chef & owner #handcrafted gourmet burger bar. we are taking fast casual to a whole new level. from our house sauce and spicy mustard, to our brewers cabinet beer cheese sauce and guacamole, there are very few ingredients which are not handcrafted in house. we offer true gourmet flavors like our #asada #duck & #ribeye patties made in house, locally owned durham ranch grass fed or wagyu beef, and steak trim patty. not in the mood for beef? try our hand breaded #chicken & waffles, grilled chicken marinated 48 hours or our signature 100% handcrafted in house #craftcakes. we love our vegans too! plant based #impossible burger with vegan honey mustard or smashed vegan chickpea & avocado sandwich on organic whole grain wheat bread. our polenta and jalapeno cheddar grits are always cooked to order. at #handcrafted gourmet burger bar, we are a chef inspired concept that prides ourselves on meeting, then exceeding, all of your expectations. our philosophy will always remain simple. your #perfection is our #passion.

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cocina asiatico

no shortcuts. no processed food. vegan corn tortillas made 100% in hand daily. potsticker tortillas made by hand daily. mongolian beef burrito. peanut red curry chicken enchiladas. carne asada tacos. korean fried chicken tostada. banh mi quesadilla. another handcrafted brand. coming soon to a location near you.

cocina asiatico. we give taqueria a whole new meaning.

#best new restaurant runner-up

reno gazette journal 2021 #best in reno finalist

#discipline. #exacting standards. #quality ingredients. executing our core principles every single day has led us to be named as a finalist for the coveted #best new restaurant award. voted on by you, our great guests and citizens of reno, we are humbled & grateful for the nomination. we value your patronage and can't thank you enough for your support. it is because of you and our legendary standards we finished as runner up in this very prestigious contest. come see us soon to undergo a signature #best new restaurant experience.  world class service, meeting & then exceeding your expectations with true handcrafted, made to order food is our #way.

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we are hard at work looking for a brand new location to launch our #handcrafted gourmet catering focus of our brand. as you have come to expect from us, we never ever compromise our #standards, which we believe are higher than anyone in the city. quitting is also not one of our core principles, so please allow our patience as we work to unwind our unfair hand. we are hard at work every single day on our cocina asiatico gourmet fusion taqueria concept, our artisan ice creams | desserts | shakes concept,  a brand new #handcrafted gourmet burger bar location and really exciting full service #handcrafted gourmet catering | takeout | retail kitchen. we have never been so grateful as we are for your never ending patronage and support. rest assured we are working harder than we ever have and look forward to serving you in the future.
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