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#exacting standards: "rigid or severe in demands or requirements. requiring close application or attention."

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#giving for the sake of giving.

being a 100% locally owned company, we are passionate about our community. giving back is a core principle of ours.

#safe embrace. #step 2. #northern nevada children's cancer foundation. #redirect athletics youth outreach. these are just a few of the amazing teams we work with. know of a great group doing amazing things or have an event we can help with? reach out to us info@handcrafted-restaurants.com.

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chef inspired concept. gourmet. on a bun.

#discipline: to study, learn, train and apply a system of strict standards.


"#handcrafted gourmet burger bar was developed & created as a place where gourmet and fast casual meet. on a bun. a place where discipline, quality ingredients and exacting standards reigns supreme. a place where every one of our guests' perfection is, in turn, our passion." jay hackstaff, president & founder #handcrafted gourmet burger bar. we are taking fast casual to a whole new level. try our #handcrafted 1/3# creations. from our house sauce and spicy mustard, to our #brewers cabinet beer cheese sauce and guacamole, there are very few ingredients which are not #handcrafted in house. if smaller is your style, our 3oz creations may be just for you. we offer true gourmet flavors like our #asada patty made in house, durham ranch grass fed or wagyu beef, and steak trim patty. not in the mood for beef? try our crispy chicken patties made 100% in house, grilled chicken marinated 48 hours or our signature 100% #handcrafted in house #craftcakes, along with our chicken & waffle. we love our vegans too! plant based burger with vegan honey mustard, house made falafel or smashed vegan chickpea & avocado sandwich on organic whole grain wheat bread. at #handcrafted gourmet burger bar, we are a chef inspired concept that prides ourselves on meeting, then exceeding, all of your expectations. our philosophy will always remain simple. your #perfection is our #passion.


"made by hand or using the hands, as opposed to mass production or using machinery."

We don't believe in processed food or mass production. every order is cooked to order. our remoulade sauce is #handcrafted with 16 different ingredients. our brewer's cabinet beer cheese sauce cooks in house for an hour and half. our honey cajun candied bacon is made entirely in house & two pounds of jumbo lump crab go in our #craftcakes.

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Locally owned and operated by Nevada Athletic Alumni

Proud to be a supporter of University of Nevada Athletics. From providing jobs for Student-Athletes, to being a preferred location for recruiting dinners and catering VIP events for the University, we also believe The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack and we are all #battleborn.

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located in the heart of one of the nation's top 10 best riverwalks, the reno riverwalk district. enjoy our #handcrafted food, local craft beer and #award winning nevada sunset winery wines prepared with #discipline #precision and #exacting standards. all local. no corporate or franchise rules & restrictions. we cater to our favorite guests in the biggest little city.
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